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Congratulations to 2024 River Ridge Innovation Zone Nurse of the Year: Chelsie Stehlik!

Congratulations to 2024 River Ridge Innovation Zone Nurse of the Year: Chelsie Stehlik!

National School Nurse Day is May 8, 2024, and this week, we will introduce you to CCSD’s 2024 Innovation Zone Nurses of the Year! Stay tuned as we highlight our winners each day. Thank you to all CCSD nurses for the care you provide daily to our students and staff! #CCSDfam #snd2024

What’s your “why” … why did you choose this profession?

I chose school nursing to make a positive impact in my local community. I love being able to educate students on ways to stay healthy like washing their hands or to cover their cough. When students learn ways to stay healthy, they can remain in school and continue to learn. School nursing allows me to build significant long-term relationships while caring for and supporting the students, staff, and families at Little River.

What do you find most rewarding about being a school nurse?

The close relationships formed with the students and staff. A student may initially come to the clinic with a condition that requires a daily medication, and over time I am able to connect with this student and learn more about them. By building this rapport with the student, I can understand them better and quickly learn when a student is having a bad day just by the way he or she walks into the clinic. One of my favorite things about my job is when a student who has been sick or injured comes back to the clinic just to say “hey” or to tell me they feel better.

What are words of wisdom or a quote you live by?

Growing up my dad always said, “Work hard, be nice and do the right thing,” and while these may seem like simple words to live by, they can be life changing.

What words of advice or insight would you like to share with parents about your job?

People often think that being a school nurse is just ice packs and Band-aids, but that is just a small aspect of this position. As a nurse, I assess/treat student injuries; from concussions, fractures to minor injuries, educate students, care for students with special health care needs, perform preventative hearing and vision screenings and give daily medications. I also work closely with teachers and administration to ensure the safety and health of the school.